Avec l'initiative pour la recherche sur le développement durable, la SCNAT, avec ses institutions sœurs, promeut la science sur le développement durable et l’Agenda 2030. Elle accorde une attention particulière au traitement conjoint des questions socialement prioritaires dans les consortiums globaux.en plus

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“The SDGs run the risk of becoming an anti-politics machine”

Interview with Prof. Dr. Tobias Haller

Tobias Haller. Photo: zvg

Half-time for the 2030 Agenda: besides a clear delay in terms of their implementation, the sustainable development goals (SDGs) are also attracting criticism. Tobias Haller, professor at the University of Bern’s Institute of Social Anthropology and affiliated to CDE, warns: “Because commons are not included in the 2030 Agenda, state elites and private individuals can continue to legitimize the grabbing of such resources – not least through the SDGs themselves.”

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