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Towards sustainable transformation – Research priorities in climate change and biodiversity

Co-authored by former chair of the SCNAT Sustainability Research Initiative

The European Commission has released a report on climate change and biodiversity research priorities, prepared by Future Earth. Developed through an open and participatory approach, the report builds on the extensive international network of researchers and innovators at Future Earth and beyond. It investigates research needs around topics such as planetary health, societal values, governance, the role of policy instruments, emerging tools, and new ways to work across sectors to implement and drive transformations. SCNAT's Sustainability Research Initiative's former President Peter Edwards co-authored the report. The Sustainability Research Initiative is the national representative of Future Earth.

Towards sustainable transformation. Research priorities in climate change and biodiversity

Through this transdisciplinary approach, the authors highlight the importance of innovative and inclusive methodologies to tackle sustainability challenges and advocate for collaborative funding initiatives to support these endeavours. The outcomes of this research agenda are crucial in directing and prioritising research funding, emphasising the imperative of systems change in addressing climate change and biodiversity loss.

Corporate author(s): Directorate-General for Research and Innovation (European Commission)

Personal author(s): Edwards, Peter ; Bauer, Monika ; Ventimiglia, Andréa ; Juhola, Sirkku ; Saxena, Pallavi ; Mitzner, Veera ; Lundberg, Jakob ; Balag’kutu, Timothy A ; Ospina, Daniel ; Bastos, Ana ; Capon, Anthony ; Mousson, Mathilde ; Drabicka, Katarzyna ; DeClerck, Fabrice ; DeWitt, Langley ; Niamir, Leila ; Roco, Lisandro ; Sioen, Giles B ; Ungvari, Judit

Themes: Environmental research , Environment policy and protection of the environment

Source: European Commission, Directorate-General for Research and Innovation, Edwards, P., Bauer, M., Ventimiglia, A. et al., Towards sustainable transformation – Research priorities in climate change and biodiversity, Bauer, M.(editor), Ventimiglia, A.(editor), Mitzner, V.(editor), Lundberg, J.(editor), Ospina, D.(editor), Mousson, M.(editor), Drabicka, K.(editor), Publications Office of the European Union, 2024, https://data.europa.eu/doi/10.2777/591057