Agenda Setting

We are identifying thematic priorities for science, oriented toward the need for action by society and the UN Agenda 2030 for sustainable development. These research priorities are supposed to provide researchers and research funders with inspiration and guidance for their work.

Workshop with diverse stakeholders
Workshop with diverse stakeholdersImmagine: Jeanine Reutemann

Scientific contributions on transformations towards living together in equitable and sustainable ways do not simply consist of building knowledge on cause-effect relationships. They must deal with societal goals and value positions and illustrate how and by which means change can be brought about.

Research for sustainable development as societal project

In order for research in sustainable development to be societally relevant, we need to embrace new forms of collaboration. Working in interdisciplinary teams with decision makers and stakeholders, such research develops options of how we can shape our future in sustainable ways.

An agenda for sustainability research in Switzerland

Our work focuses on identifying cross-cutting societal priority topics that need to be set on the Swiss scientific agenda. We are developing them based on the UN Sustainable Development Goals and their mutual interdependencies. Working groups summarise the state of knowledge and formulate key questions for research.

Steps for developing the research agenda
Steps for developing the research agendaImmagine: SCNAT


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