With the Sustainability Research Initiative, SCNAT, together with its sister institutions, promotes research on sustainable development and 2030 Agenda. It focuses on the joint handling of social issues of higher priority in overarching consortia.di più

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Lighthouse programmes in sustainability science

Parallel Session at Sustainability Science Forum 2022 – Shaping Research for our Future

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Given the urgency of sustainability challenges, more research is needed that supports processes of societal transformation. The SCNAT Sustainability Research Initiative (SRI) is conducting a study on how to make large, integrated research programmes for sustainability (lighthouse programmes) as effective as possible. Important objectives for such programmes include providing actionable knowledge for use by decision makers, promoting transdisciplinary collaboration, and strengthening the capacity of academic institutions to support sustainability research. The SNSF and Innosuisse are also taking part in this process.

Sustainability Science Forum
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At a workshop in September, experts from science and funding institutions discussed ways of increasing the effectiveness of sustainability research, especially in terms of societal impact. SRI plans a publication setting out ideas for the design of lighthouse programmes, based upon the workshop outcomes, consultations with other experts and desk research.

The aim of this session is to present the ideas gathered so far and continue the discussion on important attributes of large research funding programmes for sustainable development. An interactive format will allow participants to share their own experiences and present new ideas.


  • Peter Edwards, ETH Zürich & Präsident, SCNAT Sustainability Research Initiative
  • Gabriela Wuelser, SCNAT



Dr. Anja Bretzler
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