With the Sustainability Research Initiative, SCNAT, together with its sister institutions, promotes research on sustainable development and 2030 Agenda. It focuses on the joint handling of social issues of higher priority in overarching consortia.more

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The SRI Newsletter informs sporadically about the Sustainability Research Initiative. For the time being it is published only in English.

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Issue 1/2022

  • Interview with SRI Steering Committee member Heike Mayer
  • Future Earth Call: Proposals for Sustainability Research & Innovation Congress 2022
  • Susstainability Science Dialogues with HES-SO, ZHdK and BFH & Wyss Academy
  • Blog posts: Sustainabiltiy Science Dialogues with UNIFR, swisspeace and UNINE

Issue 2/2022

Call for new National Research Programmes on sustainable development

Issue 3/2022

  • Sustainability Science Dialogue: Upcoming event on 14.06.2022
  • Blog posts: past Sustainability Science Dialogue
  • SRI Workshop @Sustainable University Day, 29.04.2022
  • FutureEarth: Sustainability Research & Innovation Congress, 20.-24.06.2022

Issue 4/2022

  • Follow us now on LinkedIn!
  • Save the Date: Sustainability Science Forum on 03.11.2022
  • Workshop on Thriving Spaces @ World Biodiversity Forum 2022

Issue 5/2022

Sustainability Science Forum 2022: Shaping research for our future. Registration

Issue 6/2022

Sustainability Science Forum 2022: Programme details are now online!

Issue 7/2022

Sustainability Science Forum 2022

Issue 8/2022

Sustainability Science Forum 2022. Report and photos

Launch Event Priority Topics for Sustainability Research - Video summary
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Issue 1/2021

The challenges of sustainability: video highlights the need for action

9, 8, 7... #CountdownAgenda2030: es braucht vernetzte Lösungen, jetzt.
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Issue 2/2021

Results Event #CountdownAgenda 2030
Save the date: Sustainability Science Forum 2021
Sustainability Science Dialogue to start soon

Sustainability Science Forum
Image: Hansjakob Fehr, 1kilo

Issue 3/2021

Sustainability Science Forum, 30.11.2021
SRI Event series: Sustaniability Science Dialogue
SAGUF Annual Conference on research funding
Future Earth Assembly to gather for the first time

Sustainability Science Dialogue
Image: Hansjakob Fehr, 1kilo

Issue 4/2021

Sustainability Science Forum: Registration
Sustainability Science Dialogue with swisspeace
Sustainability Science Dialogue with University Fribourg

Sustainability Science Dialogue, Universität Neuchâtel, 28.09.2021_2
Image: SRI

Issue 5/2021

Sustainability Science Forum 2021 only a few days away
Sustainability Science Dialogue with UniNE blog post online

Sustainability Science Forum
Image: Hansjakob Fehr, 1kilo

Issue 6/2021

Sustainability Science Forum 2021 - Accelerating Transformation with live stream

Sustainability Science Forum 2021: Thomas Vellacott, CEO WWF Switzerland
Image: Anja Zurbrügg

Issue 7/2021

Sustainability Science Forum 2021: Report, photos and video now online

Bild Video SRI

Ausgabe 1/2020

  • Was ist die Initiative für Nachhaltigkeitsforschung?
  • Jetzt muss die Forschung Lösungen aufzeigen
  • Projektupdate: Resultate der 2019 Workshops
Mining in Namibia
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Issue 2/2020

  • Defining a decade of global sustainability science action
  • Good marks for the SCNAT research agenda
  • Launch of research priorities on December 8
Prioritäre Themen für die Nachhaltigkeitsforschung
Image: Hansjakob Fehr

Issue 3/2020

  • Endorse the white paper and share your opinion
  • SRI White paper out now
  • Launch of research priorities on December 8