UrbanA Berlin Arena

The UrbanA Berlin Arena will focus on governance arrangements for sustainable and just cities. We will learn and get inspired together with practitioners from Berlin and other corners of Europe, on how to organize for more sustainable and just cities and to best tackle inequality and exclusion.

Berlin Arena UrbanA 2021
Image: UrbanA

At the arena, participants will engage in small groups with diverse practitioners and scholars from Berlin and across Europe to benefit from experiences made in other cities. They will hear about how current initiatives in Berlin are struggling to achieve a more sustainable and just future, and how they have overcome some of the barriers they face. Participants will also have a chance to contribute to UrbanA’s findings on governance arrangements that support initiatives for #sustainablejustcities. UrbanA is keen to hear thoughts on how these lessons can be translated from one city to another, and what kind of support would be needed for establishing more just sustainability policies and practices in your city.


Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg


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Registration Deadline: 24.01.2021

Languages: English